Chiricahuas/Portal Arizona

When I first came to Tucson in 2004 I heard about an area a few hours away that was loaded with birds, particularly one of my favorites, the Elegant Trogon.  This area, known as the Chiricahua Mountains is a “Sky Island” so named as it exists in the middle of the desert. This 50 mile stretch of jagged mountains  contains beautiful rock spires at altitudes of over 9500 feet as well as hiking trails and streams containing generous quantities of wildlife including birds migrating through the area.  The Mountains were formed some 25 million years ago as a result of a volcanic event and  hosts “hoodoos”, spires, and unusual bizarre stacking of extremely large rocks at high altitude.  The water runoff at lower levels makes for a serious attraction to wildlife of all types.  I have been there many times and stay at the American History sponsored Southwest Research Station well located near water runoff areas. I made a trip there  just recently including a stop at Bisbee en route. Bisbee is for another day and post but I will say well worth a visit in its own right.  My stay at the Research Station was most fulfilling and included sightings and photos of Trogon, Javelinas, Deer, Wild Turkeys, Rattlesnakes and innumerable resident and migratory birds..A few of these shots can be found in the Gallery under Portal.