Lunar “Blood Moon” Eclipse 2014

 Red moon eclipse by Carter Newton


What a great time we had photographing the most unusual and very infrequent total Lunar Eclipse including the “Blood Moon”! I did this shoot Monday 4-14-14 from about 10PM to 3AM with Galen Evans who is a professional photographer and Carter Newton, a fellow enthusiast like me. The best shots by far were taken with Galen’s 1200mm Nikkor F 11 Lense. This lense was purchased to be used for “astrophotography” and to this day is an excellent tool to capture celestial bodies like the Moon.

 Carter did a Gopro Video with fast sequence and I have included it in the link above. I really like how is shows in motion the full eclipse. We then decided to do a short video slow sequence of the Eclipse to demonstrate clearly what we observed from beginning to end. I have seen eclipse’s before but there is really nothing to compare to the deep blood orange moon that presents during this event!