8 Times!! Yes, 8 times we have been to the continent of Africa.

My wife Patty and I first took a trip to Africa together in 1996. We covered much of Tanzania over 3 weeks with our traveling group and felt we might as well have been on another planet.

Most people on their first visit are quite taken with Africa. The geology, geography, tribes and animals  without a doubt stand alone in their collective splendor.

Usually travelers to this part of the world come back changed, with a new level of awareness and appreciation for this continent. Its much less usual for people to go back so many times, as we have.

We’ve covered much of the central and southern parts of this continent and had vastly different experiences..Each country has its own history, culture and wildlife.

For instance, we were in Rwanda during a stable period to see the Gorillas, which indeed surpassed expectation, but the people, their culture, and recent history of atrocities were equally compelling to learn about first hand.

Botswana is one of the few countries to have abandoned hunting in favor of animal conservation since they see more value in animal tourism in that approach. Additionally, their country is run by benevolent leaders allowing it remarkable stability  We had our most extensive animal experience here of any place we’ve been in the world..You need to see whats here in this water drenched swampy area. It’s seems prehistoric in feeling!

Zimbabwe offers a chance to get into areas far away from any habitation… a country known for wild dogs, rhino and river experiences featuring Hippos! And that’s only the beginning. All major animal types are here as well as profuse  bird life!

Namibia was another standout, particularly in the sparse, isolated area known as the Skeleton Coast..Here animals have habituated to the smaller quantity of food available.  The primary  tribe in the region The Himba, cover themselves with bright red greasy material to protect them from the sun and adorn themselves..Thousands of seals roam the beaches littered with Whale Bones, and I am talking up to 20 feet or more..But, the really impressive aspect of this country are the geologic presentations! Colorful agates are found everywhere, polished by the wind and sand; Bands of rock set into mountains dazzle at first light as do the deep red dunes..A land forgotten but not lost luckily! This place is indeed other worldly!

I expect to be back to Africa regularly..and, most likely we wil now head again for Zimbabwe which is our favorite spot!