Bosque New Mexico

Once a year the Sand Hill Cranes gather in an area of New Mexico know as The Bosque. What a place..! At any given time, you will also see Herons, Eagles, Fox, Ducks, Geese and more.  This very large refuge contains water and food for the Sand Hill Cranes making it easy to “stop by” on their way to and from other destinations. Of course every other species appreciates this as well.  The particular beauty of the Cranes for me is both their size (standing often over 4 feet high) and their behavior landing, taking off and gathering..Additionally, their head markings, Red, give them a strong, eye catching look.  This area offers also a really nice backdrop to shoot as mountains are near by as well as water everywhere. The size of the flocks range from a few to a thousand or more, and when they depart in mass its something to behold!!