Costa Rica

We signed up for this birding trip with the understanding I could do night photography and I was not disappointed!

The group, Osa Conservation, is the owner of large tracts of land on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. The area is dedicated to conservation exclusively. This group originated under a sometimes used technique called a land swap for debt deal where the US forgives debt if the country will use the forgiven money to protect its environment..

Many of the midwestern birds in our country winter in the OSA Peninsula. We have a vested interest in OSA area.

The photo ops were quite spectacular! Night shooting was particularly good at the research station and birds were everywhere including song birds, raptors, and jungle exotics!

One of the most captivating events was the mating activities of the Macaws going on..I did get several shots of the “courting” behavior..

Costa Rica is rich with various things to do, very safe and easy to access from the US..Its worth more than one visit!