Milky Way

I had an opportunity to shoot the Milky Way when it was in a descending position with professional photographer Galen Evans in a remote area of Arizona not far from the border. What an unusual and great experience!?  We arrived at our shooting site at 3 AM on a cool Arizona evening in May. You might think there would be no activity at that time but au contraire! We got set up on a hill adjacent to our parking spot on the road about 5 miles from a border checkpoint and were enjoying the solitude and silence..It took only 10 minutes before the border patrol pulled up to my car, blocked the rear exit gate with his truck, and was clearly checking my Minnesota license plates. Thereafter he, drew his gun, turned on his flashlight and carefully examined my cars interior for any sign of illegality I guess!  We decided to announce oursleves by shining our lights and shouting “we are doing photography”..The guy hesitates and finally says “is everything all right”..? we say yes and shortly he departs!!  There were more border cars as the evening unfolded and in between the Car Headlights we managed to get some pretty good shots..check them out!