Philippine Great Shots

We have had such success last year at Crystal Blue Resort in the Philippines that we returned this May for another round of excellent shooting. Patti has done some first rate Videos to be published later in the year. Its really hard to describe how much fun we have locating different critters while diving 4 times a day for 7 days including night diving as well.

We got some new and different shots while working with professional Mike Bartick, our instructor, and the outstanding guides at the resort! Several of the critters are unusal and uncommon like the Green Hairy Goby discovered by of many new species he has uncovered. One of the Nudis shown has eggs curling around an adjacent piece of coral..these are nearly microscopic, take a close look.

One of my long sought critters, the Hairy Frogfish, finally showed up to my pleasure and posed for many shots..I included a few photos of the Philippines above the water this time to give a sense of what life is like there when people live near/on the water.