Philippine Nudibranchs

Unique.. Very Very Unique..that’s what distinguishes the critters here..

I have been to the Philippines several times now and these unique critters really standout  photographically but also for their unconventional behavior!

For example, seahorses are actually fish and they have an unusual breeding method. The male carries the eggs in a “brooding pouch” and provides necessary nutrients to the point of hatch.

Frogfish have an suprising method of catching their food. They are angler fish using a long thin “rod” attached to their head with a “lure” at the end. This  dangles in front of the absolutely still, immobile Frogfish until a unsuspecting prey happens by and shows interest. Froggies strike so quickly, which I’ve watched, that you can’t see the action, only the result!

Nudibranchs number over 2000 species and once you’ve seen one, you watch for more! These guys are prolific in the Philippines and look like snails without shells EXCEPT they’re very colorful and widely varied! The aspect most compelling is the detailed designs on them..I have several on my site..Take a look and see what you think!